António Pedro Santos | photography


António Pedro Santos was born in Lisbon in 1974, three months before the portuguese Revolution. As a child he used to say that he would grow up to be a writer. His paternal grandmother taught him to "study hard to be someone in life". And so he did. He graduated in Communication Sciences in 1998 at the Autonoma University of Lisbon.

Photography came into his life at 21. An exhibition at the Portuguese Institute of Photography was the real life changer. He decided to attend the basic course of three months and then proceeded with the advanced two year course, completed in 1998. Then came the choice: writing or photography. Began an internship as a redactor at the Diário Económico, but the coming and going of the photographers troubled him. He wanted to be one of them. He felt trapped in a desk in front of his computer. Three months later chose photojournalism even while he kept writing.

António worked in several newspapers as A Bola, Correio da Manhã, Sol, and has collaborated with several national and international publications, while participating in individual and collective exhibitions. Between 2011 and 2015 he lived his greatest professional experience as Photo Editor at the portuguese "i" newspaper. For him there is only one way to be in journalism: with passion. Has two children and already planted a tree. He lacks only writing a book as he dreamed as a child.

Currently based in Lisbon, he is stringer photographer at EPA/Lusa and Global Imagens agencies, as well as a photography training teacher at Cenjor and Etic schools. As visual storyteller and documentary photographer, his specialties are portraiture and photography reports.

António Pedro Santos